Arenito Regional Campus

Arenito Regional Campus

Arenito Regional Campus

The Arenito Regional Campus is located in Cidade Gaúcha, 138 km from Maringá. It offers a classroom-based undergraduate course in Agricultural Engineering, in addition to an online undergraduate course in Administration and a Licentiate Degree, as well as a specialization course in Sugar and Ethanol.

The following online courses are also available: Teacher Education, in collaboration with the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul; Administration; Language Arts-Portuguese/Spanish; and the graduate course in Literary Translation, in collaboration with the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina.

The campus is equipped with an amphitheater, a library, a seedling nursery, a building supplies lab, an electrical wiring lab, a computer lab, a hydraulics lab, a warehousing and drying lab, a soil lab and a chemistry lab. 

Arenito Regional Campus also produces and distributes 240,000 sets of native and exotic plants that help to reforest riparian woodland and redevelop Cidade Gaúcha’s streets.

Translated by:
Laura Zanetti and Milena Alonso

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