Vale do Ivaí Regional Campus

Vale do Ivaí Regional Campus

Vale do Ivaí Regional Campus

The Vale do Ivaí Regional Campus is located in Ivaiporã, a city 160km from Maringá. Since 2010, when it was created, the Campus has contributed to the improvement of the local precarious conditions by producing scientific knowledge focused on the municipality’s demands, embodying the 26 municipalities that constitute the Vale do Ivaí Region.

The Campus provides opportunities for many youngsters to have access to higher education, by offering undergraduate courses such as Physical Education, Social Work and History. Research, teaching and outreach projects developed by professors help the local community as the undergraduate students participate in these programs.

A sports complex was ceded by the city hall. It features an athletics track, the only local soccer field to have official measurements and the Sapecadão Sports Hall, the second largest in Paraná. This structure is used for educational, research and outreach activities.

In partnership with the municipal government, the students on Vale do Ivaí Regional Campus provide the elderly with professor-supervised guidance aimed at the improvement of their quality of life through physical activities.

Translated by:
Aline Kiminami and Gustavo Favaretto

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Laura Zanetti and Milena Alonso

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