Medical and Nursing Outpatient Clinic

Medical and Nursing Outpatient Clinic

Medical and Nursing Outpatient Clinic

The Medical and Nursing Outpatient Clinic (Ambulatório Médico e de Enfermagem, in Portuguese) provides free services to the internal community (students, professors and employees), in the general clinic, gynecology and cardiology areas. Small procedures are also performed, such as blood pressure and body temperature measurement. In the gynecology area, for instance, a colpocytology collection [also known as Pap smear or Pap test] is made in the outpatient.

The medical assistance given is categorized in the primary health care area, that are actions developed to protect the preventive health. In severe cases, such as labour accidents or sudden casualties inside UEM’s campus, you must call the Mobile Emergency Medical Services (SAMU - Serviço de Atendimento Móvel de Urgência, in Portuguese).

Different no charge activities are also developed to the internal and external institution community, via partnerships between UEM and the municipal sector. Those activities include vaccination and rapid tests for HIV, Aids, syphilis and hepatitis B and C detection, which are sexually transmitted infections (ISTs - Infecções Sexualmente Transmissíveis, in Portuguese)

Moreover, patients are examined by professionals from specific medical areas and also by the Psychiatry Residency Outpatient Clinic sector, that is also in Maringá campus, with the medical residents from the Regional University Hospital of Maringá (Hospital Universitário Regional de Maringá - HUM), in the psychiatry area, under the coordination of professors from the Medicine Department at UEM.

UEM’s outpatient service is performed with early or on-site scheduling.

Translated by:
Carolina Fernanda Banhara and Aline Cantarotti

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Letícia Carvalho and Luciana Cabrini S. Calvo

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