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Center of Applied Research in Agriculture (Nupagri)

Center of Applied Research in Agriculture (Nupagri)

The Center of Applied Research in Agriculture (Núcleo de Pesquisa Aplicada à Agricultura - Nupagri) at the State University of Maringá (UEM), founded in 1994, is nationally and internationally recognized by maintaining technical and scientific agreements with renowned research centers such as the North-American universities of California in Davis, Texas Tech, as well as institutions in the states of Wisconsin-Madison, Michigan, Mississipi, North Dakota and North Caroline; the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain); Guelph University (Canada), the United States Department of Agriculture, National Scientific and Technical Research Council of Argentina and the Mozambique’s Agrarian Research Institute.

Concerning products generation derived from researches, Nupagri has already developed a cultivar of white flesh cassava, introduced in the state of Parana; three cultivars of popcorn, and the common bean cultivars Awauna-UEM and Flor Diniz-UEM, which are listed in the Ministry of Agriculture. Researches referring to genetic improvement of common bean also provided the identification of anthracnose resistant genes. It is important to mention the enhancement of cassava cultivation practices with the introduction of minimum tillage and no-till farming.

Nupagri promotes the following research projects: the use of genomic and bioinformatic in genetic improvement of common bean, aiming at plant disease resistance; the enhancement of special corns, such as popcorn, hominy corn, sweetcorn and fodder corn; the characterization and maintenance of genetic resources as cotton, common bean, apple, cassava; crop management and treatment of cassava, corn, common bean, soybean, canola; seeds’ quality evaluation; storage and drying technology of seeds and grains.

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Laura Cristina de Souza Zanetti

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