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Experimental Station for Fish Farming

Experimental Station for Fish Farming

The university funds the Experimental Station for Fish Farming (Estação Experimental de Piscicultura) in Floriano, a district 20km from Maringá. This station houses the first public research center in Latin America for Nile Tilapia’s genetic improvement, and carries out a Tilapia enhancing program with 11 generations of selection. The project has many public and private institutions as partners, and its studies increase the social and economical potential of fish farming. The station, managed along with the Agricultural Development Company of Paraná (Companhia de Desenvolvimento Agropecuário do Paraná - CODAPAR), also operates in the industrialization of by-products, using the tilapia skin to produce purses, shoes and clothes, targeting the market and people’s health.

Translated by:
Gustavo Tudisco Favaretto

Proofread by:
Aline Yuri Kiminami

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