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Agroecology Graduate Program

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Professional Master’s Program
The Agroecology Graduate Program - Professional Master’s Program (Programa de Pós-Graduação em Agroecologia - Mestrado Profissional - PROFAGROEC) aims to educate and qualify professionals to meet the increasing demand for Agroecology as a science, regarding technical support, production and validation of technologies, teaching and also the qualification of the graduate students. The Program also attends specific research demands related to agroecological family-based production, encouraging the production and spread of interdisciplinary scientific knowledge. It uses participatory research methods with a systemic approach, focused on the construction of knowledge which is provided by technicians, students and family farmers, the individuals engaged in this process. The PROFAGROEC is open to professionals from different fields of knowledge that are interested in or work in the area of Agroecology.
Gustavo Tudisco Favaretto and Aline Kiminami
Rebecka Villareal and Aline Uchida

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