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Graduate Program in Education for Science and Mathematics Teaching

Exact Sciences
Master’s Program and Doctoral Program
The Graduate Program in Education for Science and Mathematics Teaching (Programa de Pós-Graduação em Educação para a Ciência e o ensino de Matemática - PCM) is a response to the growing demand of both graduates from the undergraduate courses and professors who work with elementary and higher education in public and private institutions and seek to improve their teacher training and/or their research ability. Under this perspective, the course is guided by the following purposes: training qualified personnel to act in the educational system at all levels with the aim of creating a space for discussing references to a science that is constructed from a mediation of research and of its techniques in the educational space; articulating the research and action of the different aspects related to science and mathematics teaching based upon the necessary reflection by teachers on their educational practice; contributing to teaching improvement and the development of a research field in scientific education based on an inter, pluri and transdisciplinary project of knowledge.
Ícaro Gonçalves and Aline Cantarotti
Gustavo Favaretto and Aline Kiminami

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