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Associated Graduate Program UEM/UEL in Architecture and Urban Planning

Master’s Program and Doctoral Program
The Associated Graduate Program UEM/UEL in Architecture and Urbanism aims for the education of researchers capable of acting with an integrative and systemic vision, with historical-cultural support, incrementing the city expansion and planning initiatives; acting as consultants and along with public organizations; subsidizing observations about the environment, adding value to its production considering the universal methodologies and regional context; and acting in the production process of the built environment, making cities more sustainable.
The program's concentration area is in Project Methodology, aiming to generate structured and systematic knowledge about the project of built spaces through two research lines:
Line 1 - Project references: history, models, and ideas: focus on the conceptualization process systematization and the development of project ideas. In this approach, the researches developed may be defined in two themes: the first refers to the discussion of references and the project's process from an idea circulation perspective, architecture and urbanism references and their influences in Paraná state cities. The second is the definition of project parameters and guidelines, considering the flexibilization of community equipment' projects, setting the parameters for project grants, evaluation and guidelines for housing of social interest, public spaces and free spaces.
Line 2 - Project evaluation and grants: process and product: evaluation of the impact caused by the development of these ideas and the constructions and urban spaces performance. This approach focuses on the requests, cost and aim, value addition, organization of the resulting spaces' evaluation, new technologies and material development, as well as measuring human behavior, focusing on the humanization, accessibility, priorities and user preferences and capital stock, incorporating themes in various spatial scales, from mobility, spatial structure to ecology.
Ícaro Gonçalves and Aline Cantarotti
Gustavo Favaretto and Aline Kiminami

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