Technological Park of Maringá gets a visit from Consulate General of Canada

Maringatech studies new partnerships focusing on technological undertakings in the park's areas of operation

The Technological Park of Maringá (Maringatech) got on this Tuesday (29) two consuls from Consulate General of Canada, Marcio A. Franceschini, commissioner and trade delegate of infrastructure, and Claudia Kakunaka, trade commissioner.

2023 02 maringatech farid

From left: Marcelo Farid Pereira, Maringatech's strategic coordinator, João Berdu, Vale da Seda's CEO, Marcio Franceschini, commissioner and trade delegate of infrastructure and Claudia Kakunaka, trade commissioner.

With the visit conducted by Marcelo Farid Pereira, UEM's professor and Maringatech's strategic coordinator, and with the presence of João Berdu, Vale da Seda's CEO, they met the innovation environments, visited some companies and covered the headquarter's infrastructure of the old IBC (Brazilian Institute of Coffee) for the possibility of future partnerships and business of technological basis on the park's areas of operation.

2023 03 maringatech sede do ibc

IBC headquarters have 14 thousand square meters and have companies in various areas of operation.

Maringatech: Maringá's Technological Park was inaugurated in 2016, it is managed by Technological Incubator (Incubadora Tecnológica) in partnership with State University of Maringá (Universidade Estadual de Maringá - UEM). It holds technology companies from diverse knowledge areas such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, mechanics, mechatronics, polymers, information technology, renewable energies, among others. Besides having several partnerships, including international ones. The operation takes place in two locations: the old IBC headquarters, which contains the administrative part, located on Centenário ave., 116, and at the UEM headquarters on the university campus.


Translated by:
Felipe Lisbôa

Proofread by:
Michelle Cerqueira César

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